whitening glutax miracle 1 and belle nubian serums half cast skin set.


For more whitening result get 3 belle nubian serum from this set.

Don’t forget to add some soaps.

Don’t also forget the ultimate glutathione and vitamin c with collagen set for a vanilla look

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-1 Glutax miracle one whitening body cream
-2 or 3 Belle nubian whitening anti dark spots


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Weight2.25 oz


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Men, Unisex, Women


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How to use?

Directions :

Divide the cream in 2 parts ! 1 quarter and 3 quarters

The Smallest portion (1 quater of the  glutax miracle one whitening body cream) will be used on the face as the night facial cream! It will removes all dark spots and give you a spotless flawless skin (a little bit of serum could be mixed with this)

The rest of the cream (the remain 3 quarters of the Glutax miracle cream) will be mixed with the 2 bottles of BELLE NUBIAN Serums and use as a body cream day and night !


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